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The Central Flyway has long been known as one of the “hot spots” for duck and goose hunting, with some of the best mallard hunting in the states. Having grown up hunting the Missouri River and surrounding waters located in South Dakota, we’ve been blessed with some of the country's finest waterfowl hunting.

The Missouri River has supplied us with boat loads of stories involving huge wads of hovering mallards and endless strings of snow and blue geese. The most recent years have been filled with 10’s of thousands of wintering Canada geese. While the bulk of these geese migrated to warmer waters and snow free fields, it always amazes us to see how tough these birds are, and their willingness to brave the snow and ice and remain on the Missouri River all through the winter months. This being said, some of the country's finest Canada goose hunting takes place up and down the Missouri River basin.

Dakota Decoy is located in the southeast corner of South Dakota, residing on the last stretch of the “wild” Missouri River. This 45 mile stretch of river is the last part of river that remains as natural as it once was as Lewis & Clark made their way through the Dakotas. This has been deemed a scenic river through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and the fall of the year creates endless sand bars that attract and hold waterfowl of all species. We are blessed with the opportunity to view these species in both the fall and the spring, allowing us the chance to photograph and video a multitude of waterfowl and to recreate decoys that look like the real deal!

Having worked for another decoy company, traveling and talking to dealers and hunters from Canada to Texas, it became clear that hunters were looking for decoys that not only looked like live geese but offered durability and a price structure that the individual hunter could afford.

At Dakota Decoy we have done just that. We went out and commissioned a World Class Carver to create ultra realistic carvings, with multiple head positions. But we didn’t stop there! We then had these carvings painted to extreme detail, leaving nothing out. We then found some of the toughest material to mold them out of, creating a virtually indestructible body. Then we had these molded bodies hand painted to create what we call “X-treme Honkers”.

We’re excited to offer these decoys to hunters across the US and Canada. One look at these and you’ll agree….. “The Migration Stops Here!”