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Located in the heart of the Central Flyway, Kansas is a mecca for wing shooting. Here at High Caliber Outdoors we offer world class waterfowling opportunities. We shoot piles of ducks, greater and lesser snows, ross, and specks. But the canada goose and the mallard are most definitely king in our state. With 12 years of guiding experience, I have owned spreads consisting of Flambeau, Higdon, FA, Bigfoot, and GHG. When I switched to Dakota XFD Lessers and Flocked head X-Treme Mallards, the choice was obvious for me. To consistently work pressured birds, produce quality film, and guide clients to full limits day in and day out, we need a quality decoy that can handle the abuse put on our spreads. I have never landed more birds and kept them in the spread as often as I do with Dakota Decoys. It's one thing to lure birds into a lethal kill range. It's another thing to land flocks by the thousands, comfortable enough to begin feeding, oblivious to 10 hunters and a full film crew! XFD's have extremely realistic paint and flocking schemes with just enough movement to allow the birds to feel comfortable. Other popular decoy models with too much movement will spook birds out of the kill hole before the next flock has a chance to finish. With the XFD Lessers, we hunt cacklers, lessers, and honkers with ease. There isn't a need to run Bigfoots for honkers and Newbolds for little geese. Dakotas are the most versatile decoy available, and I will never hunt over anything else. Dakota Decoys, the ONLY choice for seriously demanding waterfowlers! 

Adam Gilkey
High Caliber Outdoors


 just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for making an absolutely outstanding snow goose decoy.  I was one of the 4 guys that stopped by a couple of weeks ago to pick up our order (I'm the one NOT from Wisconsin, Ha!).  The decoys performed flawlessly for us in the field.  The motion bases provided excellent movement in the spread even in light to moderate winds and were incredibly stable in high winds.  The way the bases attach to the decoys also made it very simple to pick them up and rearrange for wind changes and bird attitudes.  The durability is probably what impressed me the most.  We were able to kick them out of the trailer and toss them back in and they held their paint very well and it never even occurred to us that we could break anything on them!  They are built like little tanks.  Our hunt this year ended up as one of our best ever.  The birds finished like Canadas over the Dakotas.  We even landed many birds in the spread which is unheard of with snow geese.  We'll definitely be adding more next year!  I'd like to extend a special thanks to you and (Heather?) for helping us load the trailer that night it was a huge help.  It was also nice to know you were interested in our hunt and checked in with us throughout the week as well.  It's that kind of customer service that will have me switching my duck spread to your new mallard floaters this year and adding Dakota honkers to my Canada set-up.  I'll keep in touch and I'm sure you'll hear from me when you get the production models of your mallards.  Take care!

Justin Broughton

P.S.  The only real issue we found with the snow decoys is that they seemed to attract plenty of blood splatter!  LOL!

In 2007 I purchased 3 dozen final approach honker decoys.....A short time later my huting partner purchased your new dakota honker decoys...WOW what a difference...your's are the most realistic and user friendly decoys I've ever seen.
This spring I started my snow goose spread...It should come as no surprise I bought your x-treme snows...I took them home and set them next to a mounted Snow and Blue goose...The decoys looked better than the real thing....Can't wait till i save up some more so I can add to my spread....I hope to replace my honkers with Dakota as well  (as long as my wife doesn't find out)
I also here you're going to be coming out with a mallard floater....just in time as I was thinking of buying new this summer...
Keep up the outstanding work,
Kurt Nelson
KD Custom Calls

"Finally a Goose Decoy built for the Serious Waterfowler!  I have always wanted a decoy that looked like a Goose and was Hunter Friendly.  No separate foot bases, no paint flaking, no heads popping off, and no need to bag everyday!  A guy like me, who Guides and hunts everyday of the Season, doesn’t have time for Decoy problems.  Big Bodies, Dark paint, Large Foot bases, and Tough Plastic equals; Visibility from a long distances, realistic paint, they NEVER blow over in the wind, and I throw them in my Trailer when we have our Limit of Honkers! 

#1 Ranked Goose Caller in the WORLD

I hunt some very high pressured areas in Michigan/Ontario and have always looked for an edge over the competition in my gear. Dakota Decoys I believe has given me this in their product line up, from field decoys to their goose floaters. I have owned every decoy on the market at some point over the past 15 years and believe that Dakota Decoys are the best value in the market place period. Quality, realism, durability and customer service is second to none. Dakota’s are as custom as it gets, for what I would describe as a production decoy. You can rest assure that if you spend your hard earned money on a new Dakota decoy spread you will be taken care of.

GK World Championship Calls
Bob Alfieri

Dakota Extreme Honkers are the nicest premium goose decoy on the market; they look very natural in the field, with variety of posses.  The decoys are also slightly over sized which enhance visibility, especially when hunting high corn stubble.  The "Wind Walker" motion system provides plenty of movement, even with the slightest breeze. The ring base design, which stays attached to the decoys, makes carrying multiple decoys around the field much easier.  In my opinion if you’re looking for a premium Canada goose decoys, the Extreme Honkers are the way to go.

David Roy
St. Lawrence Outfitters Inc.
16 Reynolds Rd.
Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada

I own a waterfowl video production company, have been in the outdoor gear business for a number of years and have tried all of the 30 second gimmicks over the years. The "greatest decoys in the world" seem to come out each season under a different name but the same pattern has held true as well, the pattern of not being able to keep up. We have all been down the wrong roads, broken foot bases, cracked heads and necks, peeling paint, you name it we all had suffered from one of these and have paid the price. Based on the malfunctions of the decoys, I have never used the same brand for more than half a season, until now. I will be going into my second full season being surrounded by Dakota Decoys for a lot of reasons but the biggest is that they are the only one that can keep up to me and my "hunt every minute" drive.

I remember that phone call from Bill Willroth, the owner of Dakota when he asked what I thought after a season using his decoys, "The only thing missing is a heartbeat" was my reply.

The decoys look so real that they blow your mind each time you put them out. The way they waddle in the smallest breeze, they way they stay together when you pick them up and the coolest thing is how they continue to look like they did when they were right out of the box.

Hats off Dakota Decoy, you have gone where no decoy company has even come close to going. I will be hauling these amazing decoys in my trailers for a long, long time.

Brian Pierog,
Callin' The Shots Outdoor Television

Dakota Decoys is the most innovative waterfowl decoy product to hit the market in the last 5 years!  It has saved us countless time and energy in the setup and break down of our decoy spread!   It has saved us a lot of cost and headache with the durability of the product, and the awesome customer service to back it up!  The amazing detail and realism of the decoys and the unique effect of the deep side pockets and individual paint schemes have significantly helped us to finish more birds!  Dakota Decoys have truly made us more successful in the field!                   


When I was asked to test the Xtreme Honker by Dakota Decoy I was truely impressed with the product, finally a decoy that meets the needs of the demanding hunter. With it`s custom look, second to none motion system, durabilty it gives me the edge on preasured birds. Dakota Decoy is a company that stands behind there products 100% and Bill is always looking for ways to improve an already great product. I do a great deal of water hunting and when the Xtreme Floater was released I had to have some to put them to the test. Around here we hunt in any condition and the last thing I need to worry about is the decoys. Bill created a bird that grabs the attention of the birds from a distance and has the fine detail to lay them down on the water. The keel on the floater provides  natural movement and eliminates the annoying keel slap in rough conditions. The colour on the Dakota Decoys is very natural and the paint is tuff. When I am guiding I don`t have time to baby anything, it`s get setup and shoot birds period, customers don`t pay for the guide to be picking up decoys that have blown over in the wind, or  move stakes to rearrange a spread. Dakota Decoys allow me to setup and take down in minimal time as the bases are all attached, and the weight of the decoy keeps them upright. 
Scott Rumble
GK Calls Pro Staff
2008 Southern Ontario Goose Calling Champion
2007 Ohio State Open Goose Calling Champion 

Bullock Outdoors has been partnered with Dakota Decoys since the very beginning. The first conversation with owner Bill Willroth, then anxiously awaiting the 1st season X-treme Honkers to now with the established line of decoys we enjoy today. I have never seen a decoy company put in that much heart! Dakota Decoys is truly the choice for the Demanding Hunter.

TEAM Bullock Outdoors puts in thousands of miles each season stretching from the Rockies to the Midwest and even across our Northern Border working to outsmart even the wariest of birds. We need the best gear on the market to do our job and bring you consistent heart pounding waterfowl footage. I have owned or hunted over every decoy on the market and Dakota Decoys flat gets the job done!

Travis R. Bullock
Bullock Outdoors

I would like to personally thank you for manufacturing a quality product.I have used every imaginable decoy on the market in the last 25 years in our outfitting business.The quality and design is unique and the visible difference with decoying birds is quite obvious.Durability and product quality ,along with customer service is EXceptional.I will be switching my complete decoy spreads over to Dakota decoys over the next couple of seasons.

Denis Gauvreau
Greenhead Adventures
Alberta Canada