Complete the following steps for access to the onX / Dakota Decoy Promotional Offers

1: Register for an account at the following link  https://dakotadecoy.com/my-account/

2: Enter your username and email address to register and complete the entire form including your Full Name

3: Email bill@dakotadecoy.com with your Full Name, account username and mention you would like to added to the onX Group

4: You will receive a reply stating that you have been added to the onX Promo Group

5: Log in with your username and password at the following link https://dakotadecoy.com/my-account/

6: View the current promotional offers at the following link https://dakotadecoy.com/onxmaps-promo/ (this link will only work when you have an approved account and are logged in)

7: Do not share accounts and only make purchases for yourself. All  orders are verified before shipping.